Entice-D by Valera

n conjunction with Equipsupply we have just designed and installed a stunning counter for the ‘Dessert Lounge’ at the fashionable Entice venue in Cambridge. 

Valera installed a ‘Simply’ counter with straight glass which is used to display Entice’s breathtaking array of tropical ice creams and a ‘Vista’ unit which is home to a huge range of mouth-watering desserts. Incorporated within the run is a till support and all have been designed to match the venue’s stunning purple décor.

The narrow entrances both back and front meant that the units had to be dismantled outside the site, carried in piece by piece and then re-installed in the correct position. Despite this Valera’s team of experts managed to complete the whole job in a single day!

Entice is a brand new dessert lounge that offers a fun and friendly atmosphere in a bright, modern surrounding. It offers a variety of delicious great-tasting treats from a menu of favourites including mouth-watering sundaes, freshly made crepes and waffles, yummy milkshakes, fruit smoothies and a selection of fresh cakes. It’s the perfect place to go for one of twenty-three luxury handmade ice-creams, a best-selling "funky fun bubblegum" sundae, praline & amaretto cheesecake, or simply a tasty chocolate bar milkshake.