The Pure Juice Bar Project

The Pure Juice Bar in Sunderland is up and running thanks to a speedy solution provided by Valera, in conjunction with local distributor Heaton Catering. The Pure Juice Bar - this is the first, although more are planned - sells a mixture of healthy foodstuffs and pure blended drinks.

With such a unique product range the Pure Juice Bar needed a design specifically tailored to its particular requirements. The result is an installation that contains an eye-catching blend of contemporary display equipment such as the Vision Bakery and Deli counter and Starnight Bar Counter, alongside a number of customised counters which were specially built to accept the blenders and soup kettles integral to the day to day operation of the Bar.

Although not made easier by the Bar’s location – it is situated on a main bus lane which meant that deliveries had to be carried out at the quietest times to avoid disruption to shoppers – installation was duly completed on time by Valera¬ís own engineers and transport. A great example of supplier and distributor working together to satisfy the customer’s needs.